Risk Management and Compliance

Risk Management

Risk management is fundamental and essential to ensure that the company makes the most sound and appropriate commercial decisions while generating sustainable financial returns. Hengli Singapore has established a robust and comprehensive risk management framework to identify and mitigate risks which are inherent in the commodities trading market.

Risk management tools ranging from financial derivatives, trading limits, policies and procedures to insurance are used to minimise overall risk exposure. Coupled with risk control measures, the team seeks to anticipate and manage existing or possible risks.


Hengli Singapore is committed to grow our business ethically and responsibly. We stand guided by our core values, i.e. excellence, accountability, co-opetition, integrity and adaptability in everything we do. In addition, we aspire to achieve high standards of compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in the jurisdictions we operate.

Our Legal and Compliance team has established a set of policies and procedures, which, when read together with our Code of Conduct, govern the behaviour and business practices Hengli Singapore is committed to observe, practise and promote. These polices include the following:

We maintain rigorous corporate protocols and are proactive in addressing evolving compliance standards in a volatile trading environment. This is evident in our business contracts, rules and policies, as well as the procedures we put in place to promote and implement the best industry practices.