Corporate Social Responsibility

HEngli Cares

Hengli strongly believes in giving back to the society and our community. Besides adopting environmentally-friendly work practices, we also contribute to the community and the less fortunate through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts led by our CSR committee Hengli Cares.

Established in December 2020, Hengli Cares contributes to the society and community through volunteering and environmental activities. Additionally, we hope to strengthen our “heartware” – traits such as mutual respect, care, compassion, and empathy, and raise our awareness about social and environmental issues in the community. 

Partnership with
Lion Befrienders

Hengli Cares first partnered Lion Befrienders to engage and provide for elderly who are without or have limited family support and at risk of social isolation in December 2020. Our employees helped to pack goodie bags of canned food, beverages and essentials in office before delivering them to the beneficiaries. We are heartened to bring smile and warmth to them.

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic affected every individual and physical interaction was challenging due to the reduction of social activities, coupled with the COVID-19 rules which changed from time to time. While we took into consideration the existing safe distancing guidelines, we were happy to work with Lion Befrienders again in September 2021 to pack goodie packs and deliver the packs to the beneficiaries.

Beach Cleanup at
East Coast Park

Hengli Singapore strongly believes in being accountable to the environment we live in. In the early morning of World Earth Day 2022, our employees, armed with an important mission of saving our Mother Earth and their tongs and pails, swept up 25.5kg of litter scattered across East Coast Park in just an hour. We aim to keep our environment clean and green and free from litter, and most importantly reduce the consequences of climate change.

Volunteering at
Willing Hearts

There are many ways to reach out to and provide for the people in need. Hengli volunteered our time and kitchen skills at Willing Hearts, a soup kitchen that feeds up to 11,000 meals daily. On 12 September 2022, our morning was meaningfully spent preparing ingredients, packing cooked foods and delivering to various locations in Singapore. Together with Willing Hearts, it’s heartening to hand-deliver a tummy-filling and warm meal to those in need.